Children’s Nutrition Made Easy

An enormous joy for me is teaching a child the gift of cooking and eating healthy. There is no better time then right now to start with your children's education on Wholesome Nutrition. ALERT: Never before has there been more obesity, poor health, Type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes at a crisis level not only for adults, but for children as well. Did you know that 30%-40% of children born in the year 2000 will develop Type 2 diabetes? 50% of children ages 2-15, have fatty streaks in their arteries, literally the beginning stages of heart disease. If that's not shocking enough, whether or not children develop cancer as adults depends primarily on what they eat as children, and The World Health organization predicts that cancer will double over the next 20 years. If you keep moving in the direction we are in now, the future is bleak. However, science shows that that it doesn't have to be that way.  (Reference: www. Drfuhrman and Disease-Proof Your Child: Feeding Kids Right, by Joel Fuhrman, MD) Parents you are the Gatekeepers for your child's future. Your shopping decisions are crucial here. You bring the GOOD or BAD foods into the house. Yes, there are fun foods and comforts we need, but say NO to High Cholesterol foods, Saturated fats, sugary foods, fake and processed foods, fast foods bought out. Say YES to all colorful fruits and veggies, whole grains, beans and legumes, nuts and seeds, raw foods and most important, Free-Ranged animal products with no hormones or Antibiotics.