We are the Messengers

Article appeared in "Creations" Magazine June/July 2000 A lovely administrator from the New York College (which is directly located across from our store) came to lunch one day recently. As she approached the food counter and saw the beautiful wholesome, colorful array of healthy foods she remarked to me, "What a genius you are!" I thanked her in a gracious way, and thought to myself, "I'm not a genius, Mother Nature is the genius. I am just a messenger, an ambassador for good health." I have a vehicle which allows us to display nutritious "cellular" food in different vibrant colors, interesting shapes, prepared with energy, respect, and love. As parents, partners, and friends we are all ambassadors & messengers. It behooves us to constantly educate ourselves on the availability and the importance of what good "cellular" food really is, to resist the media and marketing's lure of fast & convenient food, and to make healthier changes in our diet. Cellular foods are whole foods which have all of their nutrients intact. Our cells receive from our blood only those nutrients that are provided by the food we eat. The health of our cells is dependant on improving the environment in which our cells live. Doctor Roger Williams in, his book Nutrition Against Disease, writes, "Nothing is so important in the micro-environment of the living cells in heart and blood vessels and elsewhere as the assortment of nutrient substances in which these cells are constantly bathed." How do we identify the right foods to feed our cells? Good examples of these foods are whole foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts & seeds, soy-foods, sea vegetables, and organic eggs. Whole foods do not contain additives nor are they chemically altered. Do we realize on a day-to-day basis how privileged we are to live in an area where we can just reach out to so many educational and wonderful health food stores, farmer's markets, organic departments in supermarkets, and healthy cafes and restaurants? To live in a country where there is an abundance of fresh foods and have this freedom to shop and find locally grown produce at our fingertips is truly a gift. The media will constantly entice us to make our lives "easier" and to take short cuts that fit into our fast paced lifestyles. There are frozen foods, freeze-dried processed foods, microwave dinners, refrigerated dough cookie logs, boxed caked mixes, overly salted dead canned soups and vegetables... must I go on? Large mega-stores like BJ's and Costco that sell in bulk at wholesale prices may offer good deals on non-food items, but we challenge you to find any wholesome food. Artificial colors, preservatives, chemicals, dyes, and the biggest culprit of them all, trans-fatty acids, are in most all bakery products and most boxed cereals. They're guilty of too much sugar-sweet products lining the shelves for parents to purchase for kid's lunch boxes and afternoon snacks. It is not the kids that stand on line to purchase these empty products, but the parents. So, if the parents make the wiser decision to educate themselves on the integrity of these products, their kids will have the chance to grow up with the taste of real food. It doesn't end there. Fast food chains captivate our children by offering toys and prizes for eating there. Sadly enough, meals made by corporations and franchises are raising our children. Try not to fall into their hands. Spring and summer are approaching, so we can anticipate with excitement the fresh fruit and vegetables available to you and your family. Better so, start your first organic garden at home. You don't need a lot of space; you can use large pots on your patio, or even window boxes. Be a messenger when you bring home your groceries, treat them like precious jewels. Put them away in clear containers so they are visible and in reach. Start to orchestrate the power meals that you make from them during your week. Remember, health is a process. If you work towards it, the dividends will be high day-to-day. Get your children and husbands involved in the family meals and gatherings around the celebration of food. To showcase your foods at home and present them like you would see in a gourmet market, use these principles. Use a beautiful array of different colors, shapes, and textures for aesthetic as well as nutritional reasons. An easy tip would be to look at the color on your plate or table. Do you have a bright green vegetable, orange or yellow from beta-carotene, purple or red from cabbage or beets, and white from daikon or onions? Learn how to serve several varieties of foods from these food groups: roots, leaves, stalks, bulbs, grains, seeds, fruits, nuts, veggies, sea vegetables, and beans & legumes. This is an easy way to balance energy flow and to choose complimentary foods for optimum nutrition. Greens are plentiful at this time of year and this color has always been associated with freshness, cleansing, and building the body. Greens on the plate means life to me, they are filled with chlorophyll. As stated by Elson M Haas, M.D., in his bookStaying Healthy with the Seasons, "Chlorophyll is the active part of the plant and may be one of the strongest, true healing agents known to man." Keep a sense of sacredness in preparing your family's meals yourself. This is your divine right. Have a sense of reverence towards the family's dinner hour and a home-cooked meal. Keep a sense of nourishment about your meals and remember, informed parents mean healthy children. We have it in our power to build their strong bodies, and that power is part of loving them. Demonstrate your love for your family and friends by making the commitment to being a messenger and learn and incorporate into your lifestyle more wholesome foods that are real foods. Feed the body and soul with true nourishment and spark the life within the body.