Lung and Respiratory Support

Lung and Respiratory Support The Health Conscious Chef, 3/23/2020 Phlegm Resolving Foods Include Almonds Daikon root (white long radish) Red radish Garlic- anti-viral Horseradish scallions White button mushroom Shiitake mushrooms Olives Onion Seaweeds Watercress Swiss chard Kale Carrot Sweet potato Walnut Lima bean Amaranth (grain) Oats Fig Tangerine lemon Lemon and orange peel Grapefruit Apple and apple peel Thyme- ground or fresh White fish Shrimp- from the gulf or South America (watch out for farm raised from Thailand, china, Vietnam Foods that clear mucus (act as a decongestant) Spicy foods Pepper Ginger Citrus fruits Asparagus- moistens lungs Pineapple Chest clearing properties Pineapple Orange Grapefruit Lemon- increases the production of fluids in body Celery juice combined with a little lemon Cucumber-moisten lungs Cabbage- high sulfur- destroys parasites, germs, moistens intestines (treats colds) Black soybeans – for chronic cough *crushed fennel seeds can cure cough *seaweeds moisten dryness in lungs- as in miso soup with the wakame in it or a California vegetarian roll Herbs: Cinnamon Ginger Cardamom Aniseed Thyme Rosemary Figs-have the ability to act as a natural anti-bacterial and antifungal agent in the body. Remedy for asthma and bronchitis. Highest overall mineral content- Rich in iron, zinc, flavonoids with powerful antioxidant properties. Suggested to make a fig drink by boiling figs, then lower to a simmer for 20 mins, strain and drink warm a few times in day. From: The Guide to -The Energetics of Foods- Based on Traditions of Chinese Medicine Blood Blood tonics maintain and improve the quality of immediate nourishment available to the body. Blood tonics include: Spinach, sardines, aduki beans, dark leafy greens, dandelion greens kidney beans, parsley, sweet rice, nettle tea, apricots, dates, almonds and walnuts Small amounts of chicken, beef and eggs Yin and Yang Foods Yin food tonics maintain and improve our deepest reserves of subtle nourishment and soothe our system Yin Foods Include; Apple, asparagus, kidney bean, tofu, tomato, string bean, yam, watermelon, lemon, pear, pineapple, pomegranate, cheese, chicken egg, honey Yang Tonics maintain and improve our ability to generate warmth and stimulate our system. Yang foods include, spinach seaweed, miso, tempeh, asparagus, pear, apple, raspberry tangerine, honey, fenugreek, basil, sage, ginger, raspberry, Lamb, beef Qi Foods Qi tonics maintain and improve the quality and quantity of available energy in the body Qi foods include: lentil, date, fig, cherry, coconut, licorice, oats, molasses, rice, squash, shiitake mushroom, yam, Tofu, Ginseng, Beef, tofu Provided by: Chef Kathryn Bari-Petritis ; 3/23/20

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