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With Kids at Workshop Certified Natural Food Chef, Kathryn Bari-Petritis and Certified Fitness Specialist, Karen De Luca have joined together on a mission to teach moms…and dads how simple it can be to prepare healthy, natural, whole foods in our three-hour, fun-filled and extremely informative healthy cooking workshops. You will learn about “nutrient-rich”, plant based foods which are packed with a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and essential fats…foods that naturally boost the immune system and supply lasting energy! You will sample and learn how to prepare at least five dishes that are not only good for you but are also fabulously delicious, very versatile…and best of all, easy on the budget! Learn to cook with increased awareness, relaxation and pleasure. table2 Some of Our Fabulous Healthy Cooking Workshops
  • Savory Veggie Soups and Heart Healthy Entrees
  • Healthier Holiday Favorites with Infusion of Spices
  • The Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Kitchen
  • Breakfast Brainpower and Healthy Foods On-the-Go
  • Kids in the Kitchen with Smart and Safe Foods
  • Simple Summer Soups & Anti-Oxidant Packed Salads
  • And many others…
 Host a Workshop  A minimum of ten guests and a kitchen that can accommodate them…that’s it…we do the rest! So simple! The fee is $65 per guest which includes lots of food sampling! And as the host, you will attend the workshop free of charge! An invitation will be provided for your guests. Suggested Topics for Lectures and Workshops tomato2  

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