Easy Guidelines for Hosting a Healthy Cooking Workshop

Moms and dads are very busy people these days so we want to make this as easy as possible for you… 1. After we have agreed on a date for your healthy cooking workshop, kindly forward, via email or phone, a list of your potential guests’ email addresses to Karen De Luca… deluca1991@optonline.net or 631 757-0014. Karen will email an invitation to each potential guest which will also include a full description of the workshop. 2. You will need to invite a group of friends, family, colleagues…at least ten guests is required to cover our expenses, time and effort. Unless there is a minimum of ten paying guests attending your workshop, we will be unable to hold the workshop. If you find you are a person or two short, please contact Karen immediately…we often have a person or two looking to come to a workshop in the area. 3. Your kitchen space is important, but you don’t need a big kitchen to host the event. We will need to use three burners on the stove and an area for prepping. We will bring cutting boards, utensils and pots unless you have pots which are either ceramic, glass or stainless steel…Chef Kathryn prefers to cook in pots made of these materials…she will not cook in Aluminum. Your kitchen will be left tidy. If you don’t have extra chairs, we will bring them. 4. The fee for the workshop is $65.00 per person which includes a 45-minute informative lecture of the most current nutritional food facts and two hours of learning about and tasting delicious, new healthy recipes. You and your guests will also receive great tips on properly stocking a healthy pantry and refrigerator. You are required to collect a deposit of $25.00 from each guest no later than ten days prior to the workshop. Deposits may be taken by cash or check (cash preferred). The balance will be collected from each guest at the time of the workshop. Karen will be in touch with you to confirm all of the above mentioned. 5. Remember, your workshop may be tailored to your’s and your guests’ nutritional needs…please discuss this with us when scheduling your workshop…we will need ample time to prepare your menu. 6. Karen will send a reminder email to your guests approximately five days prior to your workshop. To show our appreciation for all your efforts…for welcoming us into your kitchen and for introducing the world of healthy cooking to your guests, you, of course, attend the workshop free of charge…but in addition to that, you will also receive one free fitness counseling session with Karen, a Certified Fitness Specialist and Pilates Instructor. Best of all, you get to keep all of the yummy leftovers for you and your family to enjoy! We are so looking forward to your workshop! Much good health to you and your family… Chef Kathryn and Karen