Is This Menopause? Preparing for the Journey

There is now numerous alternative therapies that are at our fingertips to grasp and apply to achieve optimal health during the pre-menopausal years and post-menopausal years with nutrition and lifestyle management. There are special foods that nourish and tonify your entire hormonal system. Menopausal changes occur not only in the ovaries, but also in the adrenal, thyroid, pancreas, pineal, pituitary glands and brain. Learn the calcium rich foods to consume and which are foods to avoid for heat symptoms from rich American food. We will look at the bad rap that soy is getting and count the benefits, they are still high! We will look at the good EFA's and fish oils and learn the benefits on pre-menopausal women. We will collect all information that's now available that are mother's didn't have and make it a "trouble-free menopause" together.     References Food and Healing: Annemarie Colbin Healing With Whole Foods: Paul Pitchford  Nourishing Traditions: Sally Fallon  Nutrition Against Disease: Roger Williams  Power Healing: Dr. Leo Galland  Price-Pottenger Foundation: Dr. Weston Price  Staying Healthy With The Seasons: Elson M.Hass, M.D.  The Book Of Macrobiotics-The Universal Way Of Health and Happiness: Michio Kushi  The Five Phases Of Food: John Garvey  The Natural Gourmet: Annemarie Colbin  The Poisons In Your Food: William Longgood  The Yellow EmperorÕs Classic Of InternalMedicine, Translated by Ilza Velth