Shopping and Cooking for Nourishment, Enlightenment and Healing

How to shop for whole-ness and whole-someness and when you do you shop for health and healing. How to cook seasonally and with more variety ( the body loves the rotation of food ). How to choose the "Power Foods" and "Nutrient Dense" foods over trendy foods. I will show you the best local fresh markets and health foods on the Island. We will talk about vegetables, herbs, grains and beans that you have never used before. Some of them date back thousands of years, having a long history in the world. They formed the bulk of the diet in biblical times, nourishing food that grew out of the ground. Some people call them God-given foods. We will talk about "The Peasants Menu" and its healing properties.     References Food and Healing: Annemarie Colbin Healing With Whole Foods: Paul Pitchford  Nourishing Traditions: Sally Fallon  Nutrition Against Disease: Roger Williams  Power Healing: Dr. Leo Galland  Price-Pottenger Foundation: Dr. Weston Price  Staying Healthy With The Seasons: Elson M.Hass, M.D.  The Book Of Macrobiotics-The Universal Way Of Health and Happiness: Michio Kushi  The Five Phases Of Food: John Garvey  The Natural Gourmet: Annemarie Colbin  The Poisons In Your Food: William Longgood  The Yellow EmperorÕs Classic Of InternalMedicine, Translated by Ilza Velth