Workshop Testimonials

…”What impresses me most about Chef Kathryn is not only her infinite knowledge of whole, organic foods and their preparation, but her genuine passion for encouraging others to learn about healthy shopping, cooking and eating. When you participate in one of Chef Kathryn’s cooking classes, you gain many wonderful bits of information to reinforce a healthy lifestyle, and best of all, you get to sample her delicious, gourmet food!” Gina Saros, Centerport ...."I always think of how Chef Kathryn said that it is an honor for mothers to cook for their children. I think of it often and it motivates me to make special meals!" Linda Dluginsky, Centerport …“I’ve always considered myself a health conscious person and I attended one of Chef Kathryn’s cooking workshops primarily to get some new healthy recipes. What I walked away with was a gift—a gift of health for myself and my family. Chef Kathryn’s passion while teaching our group about healthy ingredients and nutritious foods was contagious! I have made several of her delicious recipes and am always excited to “share the health” with others. I have cooked for my family, friends, co-workers and even my neighbors at our block party! When I shop, I find myself gravitating toward more grains, beans and healthier foods. I tend to read more labels now and am more aware of the ingredients to include and those to avoid. I feel good about these healthy choices. Just as Chef Kathryn does, I want to share this knowledge with everyone I care about so that they will experience all the benefits of nutritious eating. My children tend to be picky eaters but are trying the healthier foods I have been making and buying. Although they aren’t asking for seconds on the grain and bean dishes…yet, they love the Oat Bran Apple Muffins. As a mom, it makes me feel good to know that my children are learning, at such a young age, about the importance of healthy eating. Life is full of decisions. I’m glad I decided to attend Chef Kathryn’s workshop, to educate myself and to incorporate healthy cooking into my lifestyle.” Teresa Logrieco, Huntington …Initially I was a little nervous about attending Chef Kathryn’s cooking workshop being a healthy food novice…I thought I would be completely overwhelmed! Right at the start of the workshop, Chef Kathryn set me at ease by saying that if each of us walked away having learned one or two things from her workshop, then we were one or two steps closer to a healthier lifestyle. That made the difference for me! I was able to relax and enjoy the wonderful learning experience...Chef Kathryn is so knowledgeable and presents the information with such love…she is truly inspiring! I have to say, what really won me over was how delicious all of the dishes that she prepared were. What a great night!” Monica McMahon, Centerport …”I love beans, but before I went to Chef Kathryn's Workshop I always used canned. Now I shop at Whole Foods, which I had never shopped at before and buy organic beans that I soak and cook myself. I cannot believe the difference in the texture and the taste, not to mention how much more nutritious they are for me and they don't give me gas! Thanks Chef Kathryn, now I love beans even more.” Susan May, Melville