Take Control of Your Diabetes!

Diabetes Diet Strategies and Prevention tips: FACT: Diabetes takes years to develop, this disease does not happen overnight FACT: Food choices can help defect genetic susceptibility to the disease FACT: There's now scientific research showing that 300 genes that control heart disease and diabetes and obesity and inflammation can be changed through lifestyle, through stress management, diet and exercise...this information comes from Deepak Chopra's teachings and his book "Reinventing the body, Resurrecting the soul". FACT: Food remedies have Anti-diabetes effects; through centuries more than 400 plants have been prescribed as diabetes remedies. Plant foods = still the drug of choice Evaluate your diet and create Prevention Options with Chef Kathryn: * Learn lifestyle modifications to reduce your risk for diabetes * Restrict fat by watching weight and reducing your weight ( Learn Good Fats/Bad Fats) * Learn foods that prevent surges in insulin and glucose intolerance which trigger symptoms * I offer complex menus and recipes to successfully launch you into a new way of eating to reclaim your health