•  In the comfort of your home I prepare weekly meals, food shopping for freshness and purity, menu planning for special dietary needs and lifestyles. Dinners, lunches, breakfast foods, snacks, healthier desserts.
  • Creating the most delicious, versatile, high energy balanced meals that  incorporate a variety of flavorful cuisines
  • Learn the basics of a healthy diet- Soup to Nuts. One time easy learning or my 4-part series with follow up, privately or group sessions
  • Learn the preparation of Whole grains, beans, dark green leafy vegetables, interesting gourmet salads, burrito’s, roll-ups and wraps, un-contaminated seafood, free-ranged chicken, nuts and seeds , sea vegetables. Healthier gluten and dairy free desserts, cookies, muffins, tarts and kale chips
  • Learn mindful eating, nourishing body, mind and spirit. Foods that spark the life in the body and move energy channels. Support and strengthen wellness and happiness
  • I will inspire and enlighten you to cook with increased awareness, relaxation and pleasure. Find joy and simplicity in shopping, preparing and serving family meals Plan out your families weekly meals under my guidance, stress free!
  • Take a journey with me and explore the body-mind-spirit connection in FOOD KNOWLEDGE. I can provide you with the tools for Health Supportive Cooking, which is an invaluable skill for a lifetime.
  • Learn common sense strategies for controlling weight through raw food cleansing,  detoxing, Fat Flushing foods, spices and herbs, rotation of foods and vegan foods
  • Establishing a low-glycemic diet plan and portion control to gain a balanced variety of satisfying foods and snacks for everyday, all to combined with exercise.
  • Offering the basics of good Nutrition
  • Provide a variety of special diets that will make it comfortable and easier to eat if you are unable to eat and digest
  • Implementing a Cancer Action plan for a powerful protocol for healing and maintaining optimum health
  • Diabetes Diet Strategies and Prevention tips
  • Statistics complied by the World Health organization (WHO) from 21 countries suggests of the 18.5 million who die each year from CVD, more than half are women.
  • It may be as simple as making a protein smoothie in the morning and putting it in a Thermos and carrying it in a small thermal bag, along with quality organic nuts, seeds, an apple and maybe a yogurt.


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