Take a journey with me and explore the body-mind-spirit connection in FOOD KNOWLEDGE. I can provide you with the tools for Health Supportive Cooking, which is an invaluable skill for a lifetime.  We all have different body types, ethnic backgrounds, medical histories, stress levels and caloric needs so therefore no one philosophy on diets is right for everyone. God's plan for us was WHOLENESS but we have separated the concept of health from the food we eat. Are the foods we are eating Whole foods or are they refined, processed and degraded? Allow me to customize your eating style and design a menu to support your individual body chemistry and build health. Learn with fun the background, preparation, and health benefits of key nourishing foods and the Ancient Healing Philosophies behind the cooking. About My Teaching From my education at the "Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Healing" and my macrobiotic study back in the early 80's, I have learned much about the "Five Phase Theory." I apply this theory to my work for my private cooking customers and also for my cooking students in classes and workshops. Here is a brief outline of the Five Phase Theory. Five Phase Theory The origin of the Five Phase Classification dates back some 5000 years ago. Upon this five phase system is built the traditional medicine of China which includes acupuncture. In this medical system, external factors are seen to correspond with internal, within the skin factors such as emotional states, mental states, organ complexes and body parts. Over the millennia, the greatest medical minds of China added their commentaries to "The Yellow Emperor's Classic," augmenting its wisdom with the results of clinical experience. Acupuncture, herbal medicine and dietology became full blown sciences, an articulate expression of the world's greatest and oldest surviving civilization, eventually the five phase theory was absorbed into other cultures such as Japanese, Tibetan, and Indian Cultures. Plato perhaps owed something to the Chinese thought when he wrote Timaeus, the five solids lie at the heart of physical matter.  Today some of the brightest thinkers in the West are updating the five phases for modern use. In addition to clinical applications, the usefulness of five phases in the area of nutrition can be attested to by thousands of persons using it in daily life. Early Chinese philosophers described the world in terms of movement of energy, this life force or "chi" is present in two primary forces, yang and yin. These are polarities reflecting opposite states in continual interchange. The interaction of these two forces is what determines the very nature of the universe, their relationship is manifested as the five essential elements which make up all things. It relates all energy and substance to one of the elements; fire, earth, metal (or air), water, wood each is associated with one of the directions of the compass, and one of the seasons. Each element has a color, two body organs, a tissue it governs, and many other associations, including emotions. Foods themselves can be classified according to these phases in two ways; in terms of cell constituents (protein, fat, carbohydrates, electrolytes, and as individual grains, beans, vegetables, nuts, seeds.) Meal Planning according to Five Phase Theory Our goal is to achieve balance which is attained when energy flows smoothly from one phase to the next. We should eat more or less equal amounts from all phases, about 20% from each so as to equally nourish the different organ systems. Each person has a different energy pattern and will be more attracted to the foods in some of the phases and less or not all the foods in others. We can fall into dietary patterns of imbalance that do not support our health, Ex. if we eat foods that are high in fat (wood phase) you may become cranky or irritable. The same may happen if you eat a lot of bread (wood) you may then develop a craving for food in the phase controlled by the food you may have eaten in excess. Thus if you eat excess in the wood phase you may develop a craving for earth foods (sweets.) The ideal is to eat from all phases so as to allow the energy to move around.  Through our teaching we will understand and apply the following concepts of balancing foods through the sets of opposites:  Quantity - Quality  Expansive - Contractive  Acid - Alkaline  Warming - Cooling  Buildup - Breakdown  After we understand the balancing of foods - we will then learn: Meal planning; starting with breakfast, the most important key meal of the day. We have gone without eating for 6-8 hours, so what energy giving foods should be eaten at this meal.  Food selection; we will look at the criteria for food selection - how to choose foods to keep the immune system at peak performance. We will explore the healing properties of fresh herbs and spices. We will cook with whole, live foods with nutrients in proportion. We will learn the effects of different foods and finally how to overcome cravings and binges. You will be your own Natural Chef in your kitchen with this knowledge. I will enjoy and take pride in teaching you how to nourish your body, easily and confidently. Remember all real health and growth in your body occurs through nourishment. "Feed the body and soul true nourishment and spark the life within the body."  - Marc Davis from Nourishing Wisdom