Kathryn Bari-Petritis is a Holistic Chef and graduate of The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts in New York City, specializing in "Food for Healing." She is teacher, lecturer & consultant on Wholefoods cooking as well as the former proprietor of The Health Conscious Chef, Inc. in Syosset, NY. Her kitchen reflects her philosophy on eating consciously and cultivating an appreciation for nourishing the body.
February 2010- Chef Kathryn has been recruited to work closely with ACLD, which proudly stands for : Adults and Children with learning and developmental disabilities. They are a leading not-for-profit agency that serves the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. The ACLD mission is to provide the opportunity for children, teens and adults with these disabilities to pursue enviable lives and increase their independence and foremost improve the quality of their lives. With the cooperation and support of ACLD, Kathryn has joined :their "PILOT HEALTH AND WELLNESS PROJECT." The projects goal is: to create and support "A Healthier Lifestyle through the teaching of Nutrient -Dense Functional foods, portion control , proper food storage and most importantly: learning the principles of Health Supportive Food Selection and Eating. They are learning to shop for Wholefoods, Organic and Fresh, Seasonal produce, and learning to read labels to distinguish which foods are processed, have hidden MSG, purely unhealthy and extremely damaging foods. She is teaching simple approaches to mindful cooking and staying close to Mother Nature, in understanding ,how to balance and find harmony in the kitchen. The residents are hands-on in the cooking of the family meals and have enjoyed thoroughly the experience, and have contributed their own talents. She is making this project exciting and informative for staff members, residents, and families of the residents. A teaching Manuel of the most updated and informative Educational literature, shopping charts and simple, easy, delicious, manageable recipes are available.
2005-2012,  Che Kathryn worked successfully with a client on Long Island, who was a patient of , Caldwell B. Esselstyn, MD. Dr. Esselstyn is the director of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute,. It is reported in the American Journal of Cardiology that his study "Became virtually heart-attack proof", of patients in his study who were not expected to live more than one year. yet after 12 years on his program, 95 percent of them were alive and well. At the core of his program is a diet nearly identical to that advocated by Drs. Campbell and Ornish- a nutrient-dense, whole foods, low-fat, near vegan-diet. Chef Kathryn created a diet for her client, and consulted with Dr. Esselstyn from time to time. All recipes were created by her that were used in his protocol/diet. They were cooked weekly in his home and stored in glass containers, for lunches and dinners. He is very healthy and has optimum energy and vitality to this date. Now this diet is called: The Bill Clinton diet. He has turned vegan and lost 25 pounds and it has transformed and saved his life. He proudly told the press that he is now following the guidance of Drs. Ornish and Esselstyn.  
 Previous Workshops and Teaching

Columbia - Presbyterian Medical Center, Pediatric Oncology, NYC, NY Topic: The role of parents as the gatekeepers of Family Health, identifying and targeting the foods of importance for children health, recovering and healing from cancer.

Keynotes (Food and Nutrition Council of Greater NY Inc.) NY Topic: Insights into complementary therapies for nutritionists.

Gary Null's Center for Reverse Aging, NYC, NY Topic: Making health food choices using power foods & functional foods.

Live Fully Love Totally & Wholly & Cook Abundantly

The New York College for Health Professionals, Syosset, NY Workshop: "True Nutritional Food for the Body"

Restoration Wellness Center & Retreat, Woodbury, NY Topic: The power of special key foods in "aging and beauty."

Dowling Institute, Oakdale, NY Topic: A beginner class for participants to learn a well balanced, sugar-free, dairy-free, chemical free meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Port Washington School District, Long Island, NY Topic: The joys of feeding our children wholesome foods using various cultures as references.

Little Chefs, Culinary Academy for Children, Syosset, NY Topic: International Healthy Cooking for Children series.

The Girl Scouts of Greater New York, NY Topic: "Your Health is Your Wealth" Learning from a young age the importance of simple, fundamental foods to build healthy immune systems, where to buy wholesome foods, how to plan meals, healthy snacks and using the kitchen as a sanctuary to feel safe and full of love for everyone they cook for.


Rainbow Media, Bravo Station, NYC, NY Segment on: Medicinal Benefits of Herbs & Spices

Channel 12, Woodbury, NY Segments on: Healthy Lunches & Snacks for Kids; How to Change Your Standard Kitchen into a Natural Kitchen; Healthy Alternatives for Holiday Cooking; Healthy Alternatives for Low Fat Desserts 

Columbia University Rosenthal Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, NYC, NY 

Designed food menu for various annual seminars with Dr. Fredi Kronenberg and Dr. Andrew Weil.

StonyBrook University, StonyBrook, New York  Teaching and lecturing during the school year on health supportive foods.

February 2006-, Port Nutrition, Port Washington, New York. Consulting and teaching owner and staff how to design a Health Supportive menu and hands-on cooking lessons. Their goal is to create an exciting, cozy, new Organic Eatery in the neighborhood. They presently have a juice and counter area. I established a Survey for the present customers and community, in order to determine what their exact needs are for such a special and well needed establishment.

Farmers Market, Glen Cove, NY Created a natural cuisine deli with a beautiful array of specially prepared heart healthy foods using organic staples (grains, beans, nuts and seeds) healing spices and soy products based on ancient philosophies on balancing and restoring good health.

Fairway Market, Plainview, NYC, Uptown Broadway, NY Created vibrantly flavored, nourishing health conscious foods for their Natural Food department.

The Creek Country Club, Lattingtown, NY Introduction to Spa cooking, Alternatives for wholesome soups and salads using organic grains, beans, legumes and sea vegetables.


Channel 90.1 FM Radio, WUFB, The Natural Alternatives, Dr. Ellen Kamhi, the Natural Nursespeaks with Chef Kathryn on the benefits of Whole Foods Cooking and Natural Herbal Supplements to support a healthier lifestyle. WKTU, NY - "Looking at Long Island" with Kathleen Maloney WHLI, NY - "The Duffy Spencer Show" with Dr. Duffy Spencer WEVD, NY - "Health 2000" with Dr. Steven Rachlin  

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